Event Information
Cooking Class: Early Summer Harvest (Zoodles, Pesto, and Grilled Chicken) Location: Virtual - assigned links

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 @ 6pm CDT via Zoom


Join this online cooking class where Chef Michael Solovey will teach us how to make a delicious and nutritious dish with local, in-season vegetables. On the menu tonight will be Zoodle Pesto Pasta with Grilled Italian Marinated Chicken Breast! You can follow along and cook during class, or just observe as a lecture.

What You'll Need:

  • - Ingredients & Prep: If you’ll be cooking this dish along with the chef during class: Read through the Recipe Packet (PDF), purchase any ingredients you need, and complete the prep work before class begins.
  • About Chef Michael Solovey:

    Michael Solovey is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu at Scottsdale Culinary Institute. Chef Michael refined his cooking skills while working at the famed Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurants before expanding his horizons eastward and moving to Shanghai, China where he was fortunate to work with numerous world class chefs and restaurateurs from around the world. He has been involved with the opening of 24 food and beverage establishments including his own restaurant, Bloc, where he featured foods inspired by his Slavic upbringing in Chicago. As resident chef of Sur La Table in Glendale, WI., Chef Michael taught over 1,400 cooking classes before bringing his culinary skills to the Boelter Superstore in January of 2019 where he now works as Chef and Cooking School Director.

    Zoom access is provided by our Technology Sponsor, the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative.